Find your style.

We take you through the most iconic leather jacket styles.

The biker

The characteristic asymmetric cut of the classic biker jacket was designed to allow bikers to lean tighly over their bikes without being torn by the trims and fastenings of the jacket.

This iconic style has been worn since the 1950s by the likes of James Dean and appears to never lose its status as the rebel of outerwear. Wear it with a pair om slim fit jeans and a lightweight t-shirt.

The racer

The style known as the 'Café Racer' went mainstream already in the 1960s, and this garment was the keystone. The minimalistic and streamlined leather jacket with fewer details and a tighter fit, is everyone's entry-level leather jacket easily combined with both a casual and dressed style.

Wear it over an oxford shirt and a pair of dressed pants, or with your favorite jeans and a t-shirt.

The field jacket

The Field jacket has been a key garment for the military for decades and was originally made out of cotton, but later often updated to heavy-duty leather. It is often longer than other leather jackets with proper pockets for carrying your everyday essentials.

Style it with a pair of well-fitted jeans and a chunky wool knit.


The aviator

The aviator jacket was originally designed for pilots with shearling lining made to keep them warm. As of today, it is a got-to jacket for the average man being a stylish and functional jacket that works well all winter. Wear it a pair of dressed pants and a light knit - the wool lining will keep you warm enough.